An overview of emergency preparedness in MCI

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Traffic accidents, terror, nature disaster and industrial accidents are all causes for Multi Casualties Incidents (MCI) in which the number of injured individuals overwhelms the capacity of the system and without a prior preparedness may result in a high morbidity and mortality rate. China has selected emergency preparedness as one of the healthcare issues to focus on especially regarding healthcare professions education and training. As many developed countries designed, China need to make contingency plans and prepare its medical teams for such MCIs.

Aim of the course

To supply a basic background of the subject to healthcare personnel involved in EP program


By the end of the course the participants are expected to understand what is EP, its philosophy, terminology and the activities to be done in order to be leaders and members of the EP team in their organizations.

Course overview

This is an introductory course to the complex field of E P Its major topics will include the fundamental concepts of MCI, risk assessment and prioritize activities to deal with them, basic MCI scenarios, the role of each of the health care system in emergency cases and function coordinatively the administer to each of the casualties the right treatment in the right place at the right time.